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Home Respiratory Medical Supplies

imgPhilips Sleep Therapy Devices

Features & Benefits:

Our commitment to sleep therapy started in 1985 with the first commercial CPAP machine. Through the years, many advancements followed, including BiPAP bi-level systems, Flex pressure relief, and Encore with SmartCard data monitoring technologies. After 25 years of innovation, we continue to deliver on our promise to develop technology that helps improve the lives of patients with sleep apnea.


The Snore Silencer Pro

Features & Benefits:

The Snore Silencer Pro is a heat-and-fit mandibular advancement appliance with custom-like qualities, but without the expense of a custom device. It eliminates the cost and time associated with manufacture by a dental lab, and patients can wear the device the same day they are fitted.

With its patented hinge technology and soft pliable material, the Snore Silencer Pro device is close to custom in comfort and ability to titrate, but without the long waiting period for lab fabrication. The patient is fit in the office and the results can be enjoyed that night. If your lab is currently working with a dentist practicing sleep medicine or is a member of the AADSM, consider the Snore Silencer Pro for your non-compliant CPAP or snore-only patients.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine practice parameters have recommended oral appliance therapy as a first line of treatment for snoring and/or mild-to-moderate OSA. Available only in U.S. and Canada.

Multiple positions of mandibular advancement; advances gradually to facilitate a more comfortable acclimation period and prevent jaw problems.

Bi-component material; enhances ease of fitting, increases rigidity and enables a soft inner shell.

Patented lateral movement; designed to improve jaw comfort and enhance patient acceptance and compliance.



Features & Benefits:

Our patient interface innovations set the standard for patient fit and comfort. Our complete line of masks from both the Comfort Series and My Life Series includes nasal, full-face, and minimal-contact masks that meet the needs of your patients and business. By creating masks that are increasingly more durable, modular, and comfortable, we can help you fit 100% of your patients 100% of the time. We carry a variety of masks from nasal, full face, and minimal contact mask.


Evergo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Features & Benefits:

The EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Respironics is the oxygen therapy solution that lets active patients do the things they want – without worrying about running out of oxygen. Its 8-hour battery life, 1050 ml per minute oxygen capacity, lightweight design (weighs less than 10 pounds), and easy-to-use touch screen mean patients can finally be active all day. And, the EverGo portable concentrator helps homecare providers control costs by eliminating the expense of oxygen delivery.

8-Hour Battery Life,* 1050 ml/minute Oxygen Capacity Mean More Freedom for Patients (*Based on 20 breaths per minute and a typical device setting of 2.)

  • FAA – Approved for airline travel
  • Non-medical design – looks like an ordinary carry-on bag or camcorder case
  • Lightweight – weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface – controls all EverGo functions and clearly shows battery life and prescribed setting.
  • Easy access to batteries – makes them easy to change and charge – plus EverGo can be simultaneously charged and operated.
  • Low maintenance – just one easy-to-remove filter for patients to clean.
  • Full assortment of accessories – gives patients the flexibility to tailor the EverGo to their needs.


Everflo Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

Features & Benefits:

Until now, oxygen concentrators have been very similar – heavy, bulky, noisy, or require frequent maintenance. But EverFlo from Respironics is a unique stationary concentrator that delivers the features homecare providers want and patients deserve. EverFlo reduces operating costs with a design that is:

Lightweight and easy to transport at 31 pounds

Compact, ergonomic design takes up less space, looks less like a medical device

One of the quietest mainstream concentrators (

No homecare provider filter change for two years

Uses less power and produces less heat, so it’s more patient-friendly

No filters for the patient to change

Available with and without OPI (oxygen purity indicator)


A recessed flow meter helps reduce the chance of accidental breakage.





imgEverFlo’s durable metal cannula connection is less likely to break.





imgHumidifier Bottle Platform is designed to be compatible with all bottle styles and features an easy-to-use velcro closure.





imgS8 Elite 2

Features & Benefits:

New whisper-quiet operation is 75% quieter than before
New Easy-Breathe technology – ResMed’s revolutionary new therapy system
New and improved EPR with Easy-Breathe for enhanced patient breathing comfort
Usage-based compliance download for accurate patient monitoring
Data card – a standard feature included for easy two-way data transfer



Features & Benefits:

The next level in bi level

Compact, fully-integrated bi level device for patients requiring a backup rate
Designed to deliver exceptional customized patient-ventilator synchronization
Combines high-performance noninvasive ventilation with quiet comfort of Easy-Breathe motor